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your brand is a carefully balanced idea of who you are as a company, and what a customer experiences. glyph helps them meet in the middle. we work with organizations to deliver a consistent strategy as a foundation for brand direction, communication, design, and marketing. that's our secret recipe.

brand strategy

our discovery series helps us learn you and where your brand is going. we work closely to research and outline a structured direction so your brand is always building relationships for you.
> our brand strategy services

__brand ideation
__market research
__consumer personas
__customer validation

__product naming
__content + messaging
__experience strategy

brand identity

this is the personality your customers get to interact with. glyph develops a powerful visual identity that expresses brand standards, values, and goals into a complete story.
> our brand identity services

__brand behavior
__logo design
__visual identity
__custom type design

__printed media
__digital assets
__ui/ux mapping

brand marketing

now your brand needs a great voice. glyph sets your brand-centric marketing campaigns to consistently meet customer expectations across all the different engagement points. same story across all channels.
> our brand marketing services

__marketing campaigns
__competitive strategy
__online/social marketing
__copy writing

__website development
__seo strategy
__pr + communication

DRIVE: brand positioning masterclass

branding is about understanding and reflecting on the needs and wants of your customers. designed as a complete source to strategizing, positioning, and marketing for small business, DRIVE is our 12-week masterclass in competitive brand positioning.


concentric branding

organizations are constantly defined each time a consumer interacts with them or their product. that's why we promote our internal system of branding called concentric branding. this process considers the relationships that organizations and customers both form with each other.

we always start by generating a strategic foundation that gets to the core concept of what a brand means. then we start transfering the brand strategy to pen and paper, constantly working outwards. we validate the design direction each step of the way with market research and anthropology, the utilization of consumer culture through social science. when we are done, glyph introduces organizations to a cohesive visual identity that covers logo, typography, colors, websites, packaging, social media, collateral + print mediums, and marketing campaigns.

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