brand marketing

what makes a brand, what does it hopes to achieve, and most importantly, where is it going? our brand strategy process looks to develop a personality that customers can relate to and define. to find that unique combination, our discovery and planning phase helps us ask thoughtful questions until we unlock new ways for how consumers and organizations build relationships.

__marketing campaigns

understanding what a brand hopes to accomplish helps us plan the brand strategy to get an organization there. we focus on creating a uniform culture and personality that consumers can identify and grow with.

__competitive strategy

do you know who is engaging with your brand and why? we utlize demographics and psychographics every day to not only understand, but adapt brand direction to better fit into or disrupt brand markets.

__online & social marketing

know thy customer. glyph helps unqiue service based organizations and product campaigns accurately hypothesize individual customer patterns and habits to build a stronger brand identity

__website development

how you reference your services or products is a finely tuned skill.

__video production

posting your information doesn't sell a brand. instead, how customers continually uncover and interact with your brand builds postive relationships built on geniune experiences.

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