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innovation from inspiration

you could call us a brand positioning consultancy or a strategic marketing studio, but we boldly like to claim we thrive at the intersection of both. a truce between proven process and wild inspiration. fusing science and art. great brands find the middle ground between an organization and their market, and that is where we do our work.


relentless purpose

DOLCE is our house approach to digging for creative ideas fueled by purposeful direction. we draw inspiration from the culture and environment from each project, giving us compelling direction and design based on the exact customers you are growing relationships with.

glyph collective discover consumer research and ideas

01 __discover ideas

glyph collective outline competitive branding strategy

02 __outline strategy

glyph collective develop logo concepts and app wireframes

03 __layout prototypes

glyph collective create visual identity, branding identity, website design and website development

04 __create resources

glyph collective a branding studio

05 __enjoy work

glyph collective is a brand marketing, social media marketing, custom typography studio

00 __glyph collective

"customers want to fall in love with a brand. it's up to the business to meet them part way."

-nic von schneider, glyph collective founder



we never intended glyph to be a traditional marketing company, and we hope our work speaks to that. once the creative team attached to a startup accelerator program, we grew to provide a unique range of strategy, branding, design, and marketing services independently since 2014. we were formed to help businesses make growth decisions, and we use strategy and design as a tool to get them there.

glyph calls our main office in midland, michigan home, but we are proud to help clients across the nation. we are a dedicated collective of business strategists, consultants, designers, developers, and even a lonely writer. we love our work, and we will love the work you do.

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